(20 – 30 September 2024)


Embark on an exhilarating Football Tour where players will fully immerse themselves in the life of a professional footballer. Experience a whole new football culture with foreign coaches, diverse training styles, and thrilling matches against international teams. This journey is designed for players to live the life of a full-time pro, offering a unique and enriching learning curve for both individuals and the entire team. Join us for an unforgettable adventure!

About Pescara Calcio 1936

In it’s more then 80 years of history, Pescara has carved out a prestigious space in the national soccer panorama with 7 seasons in the Serie A and the victory of Championships including 2 in Serie B. The blue and white shirt has been worn by various important names in world football. Those to note in the modern game today are:

      • Immobile
      • Insigne
      • Torreira
      • Gilardino
      • Verrati
      • Allegri

Marco Verratti the most prestigious of the names, a phenomenal player who currently plays for PSG. Pescara is known as a one of the strongest youth setups in Italian football and well known throughout Italy for the quality of its work which has produced excellent results over the years.

Pescara City

Seaside. Sun. Tourism. Life. Food. Abruzzo Region.

Players will embrace and live the life of a Professional Footballer. This trip has been designed so that all players can place themselves within the shoes of a fulltime PRO. During the Football Tour abroad a different football culture can be experienced when being coached by professional foreign coaches with different styles, methodologies, training models and approach to sessions, also watching professional games and playing matches against foreign opposition with a different approach, tactics and systems can be a great learning curve for each individual player, the team as a whole and the coaches.


  • Set Up in the destination affiliated Hotel
  • Professional Medical completed by DR’s of Pescara
  • Train with Academy Coaches under the clubs Methodology
  • Engage in training sessions to compare up against age group standards
  • Pro Football Game experience
  • Meet some of the PROs
  • Immerse yourself in the culture
  • Italian Food – cooked by Professional Chefs to meet the needs of a Professional Athlete
  • Friendly Matches


The finalisation of opposition has not been completed as yet. The trip will involve between 4-6 matches against Serie clubs. Games will be played against the B and C clubs to begin with. Given the results we will be guided in the correct direction to whether we will be involved in any fixtures v Serie A Clubs.


Why Friendlies over a Tournament?

We believe the professional experience is far more important than winning a competition. The ambition is that these players get the opportunity to place themselves in front of coaches, agents and powers of Italian Football gaining experience, understanding and potentially an opportunity to connect with Europe beyond the Tour. Living the Professional Footballers lifestyle hopefully this can prepare players for the future.

Why Italy?

Tours abroad provide a great opportunity for young players to gain such experiences and face a range of challenges that can contribute significantly to their personal and social development. The main reasons behind providing the opportunity for young male players on this tour is to:

      • Provide an opportunity that may not be achieved otherwise – opening up a door
      • Experience the level and professionalism of a Giant in the football realm
          • Experience from coaches
          • Experience from matches played
      • Experience Pro licence coaches at the pinnacle of youth development in Italy
      • Planting a seed abroad to potentially open up a door, making your mark by leaving a positive impression
      • Being realistic – a good chance for players to understand the level required, this can only benefit the player reasons being:
          • Players maybe strong players here in their current leagues
          • What’s required to be a pro
          • Where you fit in the scheme of world football
          • What level am I currently at?
      • For those who may have dual citizenship – this can potentially open up doors and pathways abroad that can be utilised by being a European passport holder.

There are NO GUARANTEES that anything comes from this trip in regards to opening up pathways beyond. This is solely up to the effort and performance of the individual.

Training Opportunities

Players will have the opportunity to put themselves in front of the higher powers of Italian Football:

    • Pro Licence coaches will be taking the training sessions
    • Privately with coaches


TOUR DATES: 20 – 30 September 2024

TOUR DIRECTORS: Anthony Ucchino (Tour Director) and Giovanni Morabito (Italian Representative)

WHERE: Napoli, Pescara, Rome Italy

TOUR COSTS: Family member value is subject to joining the tour. Families or individuals may organise there own accomodation, food and itinerary.

    • 1 Person: $3750+GST
    • 2 People: $7500+GST
    • 3 People: $10,000+GST

FLIGHTS: *Flights subject to the individual and family*

Booking will be organised by the individual and family. Although MU FOOTBALL are happy to provide detail in which flight they will be travelling on, we highly suggest the individual focus on booking flights suitable to themselves. We understand some people may have access to discounts due to working within the industry, may want to land earlier or stay later after the trip to extend a family holiday. Any assistance required, we are happy to provide as much information as we can. Players must be on site at the designated date and time to begin the football tour.


What’s Included in the Price?

  • 10 Day Tour Napoli, Pescara, Frosinone and Rome
  • Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner prepared by club chefs
  • All transfers to and from the training facility and matches.
  • All club facilities available to all the athletes on site i.e., medical staff if required, gym, games rooms
  • 4-6 friendly matches
    • AS ROMA
    • Pescara Calcio A and Pescara B
    • Pineto
    • Frosinone Calcio
  • Training sessions with coaching staff in each destination (we aim to train every day with the added game of an afternoon) on game days.
  • Football Fixtures (Serie A Fixture – Napoli and Serie C fixture – Pescara)
  • Site Tours
    • Tour Naples City
    • Murales Diego Maradona
  • Playing travelling, training and playing gear



0413953471 (Anthony)

0451825133 (Giovanni)