M&U Football was founded by Giovanni Morabito and Anthony Ucchino. Anthony’s experience locally and Giovanni’s experience abroad at the highest level will only raise the standard and quality of football in Australia.

Giovanni Morabito

Giovanni Morabito has played over 130 games In Serie A  and 160 in Serie B, and played with and against some of the best, BAGGIO, DEL PIERO , TOTTI , BATISTUTA, ZAMBROTTA , PIRLO , GATUSSO, RONALDO to name a few.

Giovanni holds the UEFA A coaching license and completed it at the Italian FOOTBALL head – quarters Coverciano. He has been in charge of scouting and recruiting for various football clubs around the world.

Giovanni Morabito’s international experience at the highest level adds a unique dimension to M&U Football. Having played and excelled on some of the world’s grandest stages, Giovanni brings a global perspective and a rich understanding of diverse playing styles to the academy. His exposure to different football cultures and techniques ensures that M&U Football’s players receive a comprehensive and holistic football education.

Anthony Ucchino

Anthony Ucchino has been involved in youth development for over 15 years starting the ASR football Academy which was one of the few academies in its time.

Anthony Ucchino, renowned for his outstanding achievements in the local football scene, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to M&U Football. His deep understanding of the nuances and intricacies of Australian football allows him to impart invaluable insights to aspiring players. With Anthony’s guidance, young talents are nurtured and molded into well-rounded athletes, ready to take on the challenges of the game.

Together, Giovanni Morabito and Anthony Ucchino form an unparalleled duo, complementing each other’s strengths and knowledge. Their combined efforts create an environment at M&U Football that fosters growth, development, and excellence in football. Aspiring players have the privilege of learning from two remarkable mentors who have walked the path they aspire to follow.

Under the tutelage of Giovanni and Anthony, M&U Football stands as a beacon of football excellence in Australia. The academy not only imparts technical skills but also instills the values of sportsmanship, discipline, and determination in its players. Their influence ensures that the graduates of M&U Football are not only exceptional athletes but also well-rounded individuals who can make a positive impact on and off the field.

M&U Football is committed to providing high-quality group training programs that are based on world-class and universally accepted training principles. These training programs have been designed to cater to players of all abilities, from grassroots level through to elite level.

We understand that every player is different, with their own strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. That’s why we have designed our training programs to accommodate players of all abilities. Our coaches are trained to adapt their coaching styles and techniques to suit the needs of individual players, providing personalised support and guidance to help each player reach their full potential.



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